What Is Web Piano Teacher?

An Award-Winning Revolutionary Method of Learning Piano

Web Piano Teacher with Shawn Cheek has become the most revolutionary method of learning to play the piano. Learn the gift of music by experiencing this truly one-of-a-kind method - focused on developing your ear and helping you understand the "language of music". Web Piano Teacher presents members with professional video lessons, digital music sheets, and special lesson series that teaches the beginner, intermediate, and expert piano player.

Expert Teaching By Shawn Cheek

The Web Piano Teacher, Shawn Cheek, brings over 30 years of experience teaching music. Through the decades, Shawn has had the opportunity to impact millions of piano players around the world, including beginning, intermediate, and the most advanced musicians. Through his revolutionary technique and "gentle, warm, and friendly" personality, Shawn connects with members and truly shares the gift of music - all with the purpose of teaching the gift of music so others can share with their family and friends.

Digital Song Chord Sheets

Members of Web Piano Teacher have the opportunity to utilize our exclusive digital song chord sheets. These work well with the video lessons and allow members to download (and print if desired) the chords for each song.

Our Friend (5 sheets) and Family (10 sheets) subscription levels include digital song chord sheets, while our Partner level provides purchase opportunities at $4.95 per sheet.

Teaching Through Online Video

Each lesson is taught by Shawn Cheek through professionally-produced online video. We're excited to announce a major improvement in overall production value, including multiple camera angles, improved audio quality, and higher-video quality.

Expansive Song Library

The Web Piano Teacher song and lesson library is expansive and always growing! With 1,000's of songs ranging from beginner to advanced, musicians can browse and search by genre, artist, and skill/grade level.

In addition, Shawn Cheek offers groupings of lessons that he calls Special Series. These lessons provide step-by-step lessons on how to perform certain skills. In addition, these Special Series lessons will also be showcased during holiday seasons or specific artists.